Dan Frakes on iPad Keyboards

Another Macworld buying guide round up from Dan Frakes: Find the Best iPad Keyboard.

Since I’ve replaced my iPad 1 with an iPad 3 [sic], I’m thinking about buying a case and an Apple Wireless keyboard, instead of the Adonit WriterPlus or the ZaggKeys ProFolio+. That’s not because I no longer like the Adonit keyboard/case, I do like it, but I’m traveling less and writing more on the iPad as I use it almost as much as I use my MacBook.

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  1. I have the Zagg, and I am trying to learn to master Pages. I really need to get on top of this, because I suspect that between the ipad and the new mac I could streamline everything, but it’s kind of a frustrated learning curve. I keep wanting to do PC things that I can’t do here.

  2. What kind of things? It might be that there’s a way . . .

    It can be a little wearing; I wrote much of my last book on the iPad, using the digital keyboard, and I confess to using some very early English intermittently.

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