Google Releases Snapseed

Last year Snapseed, Nik Software’s nifty photo editing app for iOS was named the 2011 iPad App of the year. Then in September Google bought Nik Software. There was already a version of Snapseed for the OS X desktop, and now there’s a version for Android too.

Snapseed uses the Camera Roll on iOS for photos, but lets you edit, crop, rotate, adjust and apply various filters, and then share the results. There’s a decent Getting Started Snapseed tutorial on their Web site.

Today, Google released Snapseed 1.5 for iOS for free. Go, get it. It’s a super companion to iPhoto for iOS, or the iOS Photos app. The update includes the expected cosmetic branding changes (new icon Google branding) some new filters, and Google + integration for sharing. I’m intrigued by the Instagram-like “square mode” given the disappearance of the Twitter “cards”feature for inline images from Instagram.

iOS 6 is Out

iOS 6 is out; you can read Apple’s stuff about the 200 new features in iOS 6.

I thought I’d do a link roundup of the more useful things I’ve seen.

Dan Frakes on the new iOS 6 Safari and iOS 6 Mail and iOS 6 Settings.

Glenn Fleishman on Use Your iPhone’s Number with Messages in OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion.

Lots of people have issues with iOS 6 Maps and there’s even a Tumblr about The Amazing iOS 6 Maps. Dan Moren of Macworld weighs in and so does Lex Freidman.

Roman Loyala notes an error and a workaroudn related to reaching Apple’s App store via the new Passbook app.

David Pogue has smart, sensible things to say about the new Maps.


More later !


iPad Project Singles

Cover of Convert Your ebooks to EPubiPad Project Singles, based on The iPad 2 Project Book, are ebooks containing complete step-by-step iPad projects.

iPad Project Singles are great way to sample the style of The iPad 2 Project Book. Each iPad Project Single contains a stand-alone project that is not covered in the iPad Project books.

The singles are available as ebooks only, from the iBooks Bookstore on your iOS device, and in the iTunes Store on your computer. Each iPad Project Single costs only .99 cents.

The first three iPad Project Singles are:

Borrow Library e-books for Your iPad. By Lisa L. Spangenberg and Michael E. Cohen.

Build a Comicbook (and PDF) Library for Your iPad. By Dennis R. Cohen.

Convert your E-books to the EPUB format for your iPad. By Dennis R. Cohen.

Screenshots on the iPad

I had assumed, however foolishly, that taking screenshots on the iPad was pretty much the same as taking them on the iPhone.

It is, and it isn’t. You still use the Home and Sleep buttons. The sequence in which you press the buttons doesn’t matter, but the rhythm, so to speak, does.

1. Hold down either the Home or the Sleep button.

2. Press the other button—Home or Sleep, the one you’re not holding down, and release it quickly.

If you are successful, you’ll see a brief screen flash of white to alert you that you’ve been successful. If not, you’ve succeeded in putting your iPad to sleep, and haven’t managed a screen shot.

The screen shots will appear in the special “Saved Photos” album accessed via the iPad Photos application.