Saved Photos

I need to create an avatar, based on a photo of me, to use in Facebook. I don’t want to use a normal image; I want to digitally manipulate it slightly. I can do the manipulation in the free iApp PhotoPad, but I needed to get the image to PhotoPad, which means getting it in the Photos app on my iPad.

Since I’m too lazy to connect my iPad to my Mac, I uploaded the image to my Photobucket account, and using the free Photobucket app, moved it to Saved Photos, which appeared, magically as an Album in my iPad’s Photos app.


SideTrack, from Raging Menace, is driver software that enables Mac trackpads to accept a variety of “gestures,” similar to those standard on Windows trackpads. This ability strikes me as useful. I’m contemplating trying the beta out, but I’ll certainly keep an eye on it. Thanks to Eric for pointing SideTrack out.