Adonit Writer I for iPad

Image of an Adonit Writer II finally received my Adonit Writer I. The Adonit Writer I is a Bluetooth keyboard and cover combination. So far, I quite like it. I note that the keyboard, while it has a nice response, is very small and won’t work well for some users without a lot of practice. I’m accustomed to using laptop keyboards, and was fairly comfortable after about ten minutes.

I do notice that I need to be very careful about bumping the screen lock key when reaching for the Delete key. Oddly, some of the iPad’s keyboard shortcuts, like pressing the spacebar twice for a period and trailing space don’t work.

But The Adonit Writer makes things like blogging much easier than using the digital on-screen iPad keyboard. I’ll likely keep trying other keyboards as well, but I was primarily looking for something to use while away from home, and the Adonit Writer I does look like it will serve that purpose quite well. I’m still thinking about an Apple Bluetooth keyboard for home use as an alternative to my laptop, in case of emergency.

Adonit makes the Adonit Writer for iPad 1 for first generation iPads, and Adonit the Adonit Writer 2 for iPad 2 for second generation iPads. Both are available from Amazon.

Adonit Writer for iPad 1

Writer 2 for iPad 2

Which iPad Case and Keyboard Should I Get?

Image of an Adonit Writer 1 iPad keyboard and caseI’m looking for an iPad keyboard and case combination. It’s for a first generation iPad, and I’m trying to decide between the Zaggmate and the Adonit Writer for iPad 1. They’re both about the same price. Here’s the official Zaggmate page, and here’s the official Adonit Writer page. I note that the Adonit for the iPad 1 is a bit scarce, though you can still Writer for iPad 1buy the Adonit Writer for iPad 1 at Amazon.

Charlie Stross says of the Zaggmate:

If you can cope with a small keyboard with non-standard cursor keys and want a keyboard case, the Logitech/ZaggMate case wins hands-down. With the iPad in the case, its dimensions are very similar to the iPad with a standard cover. Probably not as good for sustained typing as the Apple and Targus keyboards.

But Alex Piper brought the Adonit to my attention, so now I’m looking really really hard at it. Alex notes:

My issue with the various soft Bluetooth keyboard cases was that they felt strange and mushy. My issue with the Zaggmate was that awful lip on the edge of the keyboard. Neither applies here.

The keyboard feels good and solid, at least with the use I’ve put it through so far; better than the keyboard on my real netbook (Dell mini 9), in all honesty. When you open the case, it ‘sticks’ magnetically into whatever position you’ve picked, so it stays put. The response is excellent, and if you can type on a small keyboard like an eee PC or a mini 9, you’ll have no problem with it.

This is a review of the Adonit Writer.

I want an iPad keyboard and case combo for travel purposes—or I’d just buy an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, because for someone used to typing on laptops, it’s a limousine.

And yes, I’m even open to buying Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and a separate case for the iPad and keyboard.

So: What are you using? Do you like it? What do you suggest?

About that battery . . .

Just for the heck of it, and because I was curious, I wanted to see how long my iPad’s battery would last if I were using it just to read some locally stored Web pages and ebooks in iBooks, Stanza, and eReader.

So I turned off the Wi-Fi and set the brightness just to the left of the middle and started reading.

My fully-charged iPad managed just a shade over 22 hours before it shut itself off. I was astonished.

Apple’s technical specs say that the iPad battery should last “Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music.” I note that this ZD net article on iPad battery life cites pleased comments from Pogue and Mossberg and others about the iPad exceeding battery expectations.

I should mention that this is only the second time I’ve ever run my iPad’s battery down all the way, which, by the way, is not what Apple recommends in this iPad battery tech note:

For proper reporting of the battery’s state of charge, be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down).