iOS 6 is Out

iOS 6 is out; you can read Apple’s stuff about the 200 new features in iOS 6.

I thought I’d do a link roundup of the more useful things I’ve seen.

Dan Frakes on the new iOS 6 Safari and iOS 6 Mail and iOS 6 Settings.

Glenn Fleishman on Use Your iPhone’s Number with Messages in OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion.

Lots of people have issues with iOS 6 Maps and there’s even a Tumblr about The Amazing iOS 6 Maps. Dan Moren of Macworld weighs in and so does Lex Freidman.

Roman Loyala notes an error and a workaroudn related to reaching Apple’s App store via the new Passbook app.

David Pogue has smart, sensible things to say about the new Maps.


More later !


Warning Added to Library Borrowed Kindle Ebooks

Screen shot of dialog warning borrowers that Amazon has access to your check out record.
Kindle Warning
As previously noted, you can borrows ebooks from the library for the Kindle reader or Kindle apps. You can even cleverly extend the due date on a borrowed Kindle ebook. So it’s about time that Amazon and Overdrive warned borrowers that Amazon has access to your library record. They’ve added a warning dialog. I say they because while I think it’s Overdrive, it could be the local library; I honestly can’t tell, and both parties have declined to respond to inquiries.

It’s not clear, really, in terms of what they have access to; mostly it just states you’re leaving the library’s site and going to an unnamed third-party site that does not share the library’s privacy policy.

I wish they’d tell people up front that Amazon gets your email, the title and associated metatdata of the book you are borrowing, and the due date, and that Amazon will email you to tell you that the book is due in X days (usually 2) and offer to sell you a copy. I also wish that they required you to opt-in, or at least offer an opt-out.

TidBITS Coterie on Mac Jury

The TidBITS staff, including my co-writer Michael E. Cohen along with Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Joe Kissell, and Matt Neuburg appear on The MacJury podcast. Host Chuck Joiner attempts to herd cats while discussing Apple’s March 7 announcements regarding the third iPad, iPhoto for iOS, the refreshed Apple TV, and iOS 5.1. You can hear or download the podcast, which is both interesting and thoughtful, here.