MS loses patent suit: forgot to buy jury

From Observable Phenomena

– A news report yesterday stated that benevolent software hegemony Microsoft (all blessings to them [please don’t hurt us!]) lost a patent suit brought jointly by Eolas Technology and the University of California. The jury decided that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer contains functions that infringe an Eolas-UC patent, and the jury awarded the plaintiffs over half a billion dollars. Microsoft, looking through its pockets for spare change to tip the legal staff, announced that they will appeal the decision. Given the justice system’s track record in dealing with Microsoft, one can expect that within five years California will boast the William Gates University of California, and that the degrees it grants will be licensed on a three-year renewable basis.

Stanford does Blogging

Stanford’s ITSS is offering blogging via Moveable Type. I think they’ve made a good choice. I hope that they will continue to be smart, and think about ways of integrating blogging into existing CMS/LMS and knowledge management projects. I’m working on a longer piece about this issue, one that is approaching a rant, so I’ve been putting it off.

QuickTime 6 Released

Last night Apple released the new QuickTime 6. You can download it, for Mac )s 8/9, Mac OS X, and Windows Me/2000/XP here:

You can also download a self-contained installer here, that doesn’t require an internet connection to install.

QuickTime 6 delivers a host of new features that include:

  •  MPEG-4 ISO compliant file creation
  •  MPEG-4 video codec
  •  AACaudio codec
  •  Instant-On streaming
  •  Macromedia Flash 5
  •  An enhanced QuickTime Player interface
  •  QuickTime Picks, bringing you the best, up-to-date QuickTime content
  •  JPEG 2000 (Mac OS X Only)
  •  Enhanced AppleScript support (Macintosh Only)

What’s really cool about QT 6 is the support for MPEG-4, and the quite reasonable licensing agreement for broadcast use that Apple worked out with the licensing group. QT 6 Pro, which, among other things, lets you edit and make QT files, is 29.95 for a license key, and you will need a new one for QT 6.

The release of QT 6 strikes me as a good time to remind people about the free QuickTime Streaming server, available for pretty much any platform, and the all new free Broadcaster server.

Blog Studio: A New Blog Service

Thanks to this thread at MetaFilter, I’ve learned about a new blogging tool/service. Blog Studio offers a free and a paid version. You can see their feature list here. The blog tool feature comparison isn’t completely accurate, in my opinion, since many of the features they say Blogger or the sister Blogger Pro don’t support, are supported with just a little HTML use. It’s interesting too that Blog Studio seems to be targetting Blogger. There’s no mention of the more “journal” like systems, like Live Journal or the community-driven Grok Soup. Although I’m glad to see other blog tools and systems, I’m a little disturbed by their tone, but I’ll probably take a look when they’ve ripened a bit. Right now it’s pretty crude. The FAQs are up too.