Radio Userland New Blog Backup Tool

Read step by step instructions here. I’m about to go try it out myself.

Later: worked like a charm, and took roughly a half hour. There’s an ongoing progress report, which is a useful feature. I, as a backup fanatic, immediately compressed the “Backup” directory that was created in the Radio directory, and added it to the list of files to be uploaded to my offsite backup drive. This is of course something that I should automate via AppleScript. I’m hoping this is a sign of actual interest in the product from Userland.

Google Buys Blogger

Well, at least it’s not AOL. Yes, it’s true, Google bought Pyra labs, makers of Blogger. Dan Gillmore got the scoop.

This might be OK; it sounds like Ev is still going to be around, and Google has been quite reasonable about the UseNet archive DejaNews, now known as Google Groups. They’ve enhanced the search interface, and allowed users to control the archive status of their own UseNet posts, or prohibit archiving of their posts. I’ve been worried that AOL would buy Blogger, and run it into the ground. Google might just be the kind of cash influx Blogger has been in need of.

Blog Studio: A New Blog Service

Thanks to this thread at MetaFilter, I’ve learned about a new blogging tool/service. Blog Studio offers a free and a paid version. You can see their feature list here. The blog tool feature comparison isn’t completely accurate, in my opinion, since many of the features they say Blogger or the sister Blogger Pro don’t support, are supported with just a little HTML use. It’s interesting too that Blog Studio seems to be targetting Blogger. There’s no mention of the more “journal” like systems, like Live Journal or the community-driven Grok Soup. Although I’m glad to see other blog tools and systems, I’m a little disturbed by their tone, but I’ll probably take a look when they’ve ripened a bit. Right now it’s pretty crude. The FAQs are up too.