Guidelines for Grades Assigned to Written Work in the Department of English

The following are suggested guidelines for grades assigned to written work in the Department of English, though students should be aware that certain courses may require different criteria and that individual instructors may have different standards or guidelines specific to their courses.

A = virtually flawless, without significant mechanical errors, and containing an interesting, sophisticated thesis well-supported by pertinent, fully analyzed examples and careful documentation (when required)

B = also usually has a sophisticated thesis, but evidentiary support is weaker than for "A" or intermittently so; expression and argument may show some flaws, but there are not serious mechanical errors

C = has a thesis, but it may be a relatively simple one that overlooks significant qualifications and fails to handle pertinent evidence; supporting examples are not well developed, and t lists often replace argument; enough serious mechanical errors (diction, subject/verb agreement, dangling participles) exist to make comprehension difficult sometimes

D = writer has not grasped the topic nor expressed a thesis; some thoughtful and/ or well-expressed passages may exist, but they do not cohere; lists are common but inexplicable; serious mechanical errors are widespread and confound comprehension

F = does not meet any of the desired expectations mentioned above