Old English Literature

991 A.D. The Battle of Maldon
This site offers maps and pictures of the site of the battle.

British Museum Exhibit about Sutton Hoo
In 1938 an early 7th century Anglo-Saxon ship burial was discovered in Sutton Hoo, England. This site discusses a helmet and other artifacts found at the site. You can read about the excavation here and about the possible identity of the East Anglian king who was buried at Sutton Hoo here.

Beowulf in the Original
See the first page of the Beowulf Manuscript, and hear the first eleven lines read in Old English by J.B. Bessinger. This page requires the free QuickTime plug-in, and might take a bit to load.

Old English Text Resources
Professor Catherine Ball of Georgetown has collected and annoted links to Old English text collections.

A Guide to Anglo-Saxon Resorces
Part of the ORB project, these resources were collected by Brad Bedingfield, Tokyo Metropolitan University.

A page from the Exeter Manuscript
The page shows the first thirty-three lines of The Wanderer.