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Reasons to Use Mozilla

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Aside from the fact that Mozilla is free, fast, limber, and polite, I really like the Tab features. You can open a Tab window using Command-T on a Mac (for you poor Windows users, remember to use Control instead) then go to a site, then open a new Tab, and go to another site, for however many sites you’d like to be able to toggle between. The Tabs allow you to “layer” the sites in a single window.

Once you have your Tabs set the way you want, you can, if you wish, save a group of Tabs as a single Bookmark, and then simply click the Bookmark to open up the Tabs with their associated sites the way you set it up previously.

Here’s how to save several Tabs in a single Window as a “grouped” Bookmark.

  1.  Create a Mozilla window with Tabs and web sites you wish to save as a single Bookmark.
  1.  Create and Save the Bookmark by using Command-Shif-d or choosing File Bookmark from the Bookmark menu. You will be asked to name the Bookmark, and choose a location in your Bookmarks to save the Book mark. Be sure to check the small box next to File As Group. (Hint: choose your Toolbar folder if you want the Bookmark to be saved there.)
  1.  Click your newly created and saved Bookmark to open the Tabbed window and load the web sites.
  1.  Use the newly created bookmark to test your Tabs.


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