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Apple’s MacWorld Keynote

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Well it’s tomorrow, and yeah, it’s going to be streamed. What do I think will be announced? I certainly hope there’s a lot of attention paid to QuickTime 6, the free Streaming Server, the free Broadcast Server, and Jaguar. I hope that we’ll hear interesting things about FileMaker Pro 6. I expect that Apple will be a bit more open about what I see as the cruicial nature of web services, particularly as they relate to the “Digital Hub” and open standards. I’m expecting iDVD 2.1 to be released too, because of this page, and some more information about AppleScript support for Web Services and XML. We may even see an “iWeb,” an Apple-branded browser/web page creator, since that’s one of the few slots in the iApp fold that’s not filled.

But what about hardware you ask? Maybe a larger flat-screen iMac, maybe an eMac with a superdrive, and possibly, just possibly, a digital camera (though I expect that is more likely in January) or a graphic tablet with support for Ink, Apple’s Newton-derived handwriting recognition technology. And of course, there’s always the “One thing more.”

I have no inside knowledge; I’m just guessing based on public statements, and the documentation that Apple’s been steadily releasing.

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