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QuickTime 6 Released

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Last night Apple released the new QuickTime 6. You can download it, for Mac )s 8/9, Mac OS X, and Windows Me/2000/XP here:

You can also download a self-contained installer here, that doesn’t require an internet connection to install.

QuickTime 6 delivers a host of new features that include:

  •  MPEG-4 ISO compliant file creation
  •  MPEG-4 video codec
  •  AACaudio codec
  •  Instant-On streaming
  •  Macromedia Flash 5
  •  An enhanced QuickTime Player interface
  •  QuickTime Picks, bringing you the best, up-to-date QuickTime content
  •  JPEG 2000 (Mac OS X Only)
  •  Enhanced AppleScript support (Macintosh Only)

What’s really cool about QT 6 is the support for MPEG-4, and the quite reasonable licensing agreement for broadcast use that Apple worked out with the licensing group. QT 6 Pro, which, among other things, lets you edit and make QT files, is 29.95 for a license key, and you will need a new one for QT 6.

The release of QT 6 strikes me as a good time to remind people about the free QuickTime Streaming server, available for pretty much any platform, and the all new free Broadcaster server.

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