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Information Wave Technologies Bans the RIAA

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From a press release from host Information Wave Technologies, via Metafilter:

Due to the nature of this matter and RIAA’s previous history, we feel the RIAA will abuse software vulerabilities in a client’s browser after the browser accesses its site, potentially allowing the RIAA to access and/or tamper with your data. Starting at midnight on August 19, 2002, Information Wave customers will no longer be able to reach the RIAA’s web site. Information Wave will also actively seek out attempts by the RIAA to thwart this policy and apply additional filters to protect our customers’ data.

They’re also engaging in null seeding, and tracking the data: “Clients which connect to our peer-to-peer clients, and then afterwards attempt to illegally access the network will be immediately blacklisted from Information Wave’s network.” That is, Information Wave Technologies is preventing would be RIAA or any other outside user from using its own network as a staging point for attacks on the Gnutella network.This is an different appoach; it will be interesting to see if others adopt similar strategies.