More Con José Blogs

Bill Humphries, a Mac user and blogger, is also at the Con, and will be speaking on a blogging panel “Blog This! (or, Blogology Recapitulates Mimeography)” on Saturday 11:30am. The description reads:

What is Blogging and why should you care? This new form of online diaries has taken fandom by storm. The mainstream world is also adopting this very fannish style of communication and community. Will they revisit our common foibles and squabbles? How does the emergence of weblogs and other online communities compare to that of fanzines?

The panel features Lucy Huntzinger, Moshe Feder, Evelyn C. Leeper, Bill Humphries, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and looks interesting.

Cory writes:

I’m bringing down three wireless access points and plan to hook them up wherever I can find an Ethernet drop, so that bloggers at the con can post while they’re there. Meanwhile, Bill Humphries has set up a ConJose metablog, with a Movable Type TrackBack system that allows any bloggers posting about the con to ping him and get listed on the page (even if you’re not using MT).