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Using .RSS in Blogger Pro

I’ve performed the requisite alchemical incantations in my Blogger Pro blog to create an.rss feed. If you want to do this yourself in Blogger Pro:

  1. Create the rss subdirectory in your blog directory using an FTP client.
  2. Log on to your Blogger Pro blog, and go to Settings, then click the Formatting tab.
  3. Set the Show Title Field to Yes. The URL field is optional. Click Save to save the Settings.
  4. You will need to modify your Blogger Template to use the Title tags, since the post “Title” data is required by .rss. Click Template.
  5. Copy your current Template code to an empty text file, just in case.
  6. Look for the <Blogger> tag that marks the start of the formatting for individual blog posts. Add
    somewhere in that section, before the <Blogger/> tag that marks the end of the post formatting tags. Click Save. Be prepared to experiment a bit with placement.

The next time you post you’ll notice the Post form has a new Title field. Be sure to put something in the Title field if you want a post to show in your .rss feed; without a title, the post will be left blank in the feed.