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Safari and iSync?

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I downloaded the new Public Beta 2.0 of Apple’s Safari, the fast, elegant, streamlined web browser for OS X. I’ve liked Safari right from the start, largly because ot the interface and feature set (and now with tabbed browsing!). It doesn’t include mail or Usenet newsreading, two things I don’t want from a browser, but it does include very nice (and intelligent) book mark management and that’s a particularly important feature for me.

I was doing a little bookmark arranging tonight, dragging around the bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar, when I got a dialog that said I couldn’t rearrange bookmarks because “iSync was synchronizing your bookmarks.” Now, I wasn’t even running iSync (I did check) so I suppose bookmark syncing is a possible feature for the future. Bookmark syncing is certainly a good thing to offer, especially if users have a way to make their bookmarks available to them from, and can choose to make them public or private.

On a slightly different topic, I’m really enjoying the tabbed browsing in Safari. You can

  1. Select a group of bookmarks
  2. Add the bookmarks to a folder
  3. Drag the folder to the Bookmark Bar
  4. Click the folder, and choose “Open in Tabs” from the contextual menu
  5. Safari will politely place each bookmark in its own Tab, replacing any previous content.

Yes, I know, you can do the same thing, pretty much, in Mozilla. In any case, thanks Dave

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