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Waiting for Panther

From Metafilter, part of the Lick me I’m a Macintosh thread:

I gotta tell ya… I’m not given to ranting or raving about OS’es and the corporations that sell them, but I’m using a pre-release version of Panther (OS 10.3) right now, and it is just the slickest piece of engineering I’ve ever touched. It has this feature called Expose (say it with a French accent)—let’s say you have five emails, three Word documents and two spreadhseets on your desktop, and you want to find one window. Move your cursor to the edge of the screen, and all the windows snap into miniature, tiled versions of themselves, neatly organized (and updated in realtime) on the desktop. Useful, graphically stunning, and fast as blazes. Forgive the gack-inducing hyperbole, but it really does feel like the future. 10.3 has made my machine feel twice as fast—the accusations that OS X is processor-cycle-munching eye candy are now moot. It’s this sort of thing that makes people look forward to Apple updates, while they dread ones from MS.
posted by stonerose at 9:18 AM PST on October 1

Somehow, writing a dissertation doesn’t make time pass quickly while waiting for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Pather.

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