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Waiting for Panther (Reprise)

To be strictly accurate, I’m not so much waiting for Panther, as I am waiting for my iBook to come back from AppleCare repairs. The display had developed a lovely roseate glow which usually faded after a warmup, the magnetic catch was faulty so that the iBook sometimes failed to sleep, and the battery went south around the start of the year (since I’ve been good about using the battery, I thought it was age; the technician says Not). So. My local Apple Authorized dealer MacSolutions (the place to buy Mac RAM) thinks it might mean a new logic board. In any case, the iBook is at Apple.

Waiting to install means I’m avoiding the common malady of pioneers everywhere (you can spot pioneers by the arrows in their backs. Or their dead FireWire drives.) and doing a lot of reading. Oh yeah, and writing (yes, the dissertation lives).

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