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It’s Not Dirty, and It’s Not a Secret

Despite the apparent media frenzy about iPod battery life and the Neistat brother’s web site about their battery woes, my iPod is doing fine, thanks. My spouse and I bought each other original 5 gig iPods for our wedding anniversaries back in November of 2001. We’re both still using them regularly. My iPod is good for about six hours before it needs charging, less than when it was new, but it’s had a lot of use in the more than two years I’ve had it. I back up files to it, connect it to our stereo, use in teaching, and when I walk around town, or campus, or ride the bus. You’d think, given the media’s foaming at the mouth-and-rubbing-their-hands-with glee that everybody was unhappy.

I also find it more than a little distressing that no one seems worried that the QuickTime movies at their site show the Neistat brothers vandalizing some rather expensive bill boards. I sympathize with their dismay about their batteries, and, apparently Apple did too, since it offered both a battery replacement service and AppleCare for iPods, before the Neistat’s contacted Apple. Vandalism is not acceptable, no matter how angry one might be; it’s still wanton destruction. Much better to follow Apple’s iPod battery careand use tips, and use the information in this well written iPod battery FAQ.

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