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AppleWorks 6.2.9

I’m still using AppleWorks, having started using it when it was still called “Tin Can,” so I was pleased to read about the 6.2.9 update. Oddly, it still hadn’t shown up in Sofware Update, two days after the release, so I downloaded it and ran the installer.

It froze, getting stuck in the “Gathering Information” stage. It stalled thus three times (the third time I let it sit for 45 minutes), and yes, I repaired permissions first. I started looking at Console logs, and noticed the Airport was doing a lot of something, though nothing but Console and the updater was running, and there was a lot of network activity, most of which I don’t understand, so I turned off my card, and forced the installer to quit. I ran it again, forgetting to turn the my card back on, and it installed. Weird. I’m not alone either. I suspect there’s something odd with the installer, not the update itself. The update does seem a bit smoother in general, and it seems to print a bit faster, and to handle printing non-Roman characters better.

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