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This is just so cool, thanks for mentioning it Teal Sunglasses. This is the kind of purpose I’ve been hoping to see RSS used for; an iTunes Music Store RSS feed that lists the “New Additions” added to Apple’s iTunes music store every Tuesday. But what’s even cooler is the exceedingly clever and user-friendly way you can select the kind of music, and the feed, that you’re interested in. You can list all the new additions, the top songs, top albums, and even select specific genres for each. Very nicely done.

I’ve been trying to talk the campus libraries and books stores into broadcasting the “new titles” they acquire, and the various campus calendar systems to export to a web service users could subscribe to, ideally, one that would allow us to easily add items to our calendars. This is a good example for me to show people who don’t quite “get” web services.

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