More on Wikis

First, I’ve found a provocative definition of a wiki that I rather like, though this one works well too, as does this one. I’m still looking for my first Wiki system to install. So far, PhpWiki appeals the most. There’s a pre-Panther MacDev Center article by Giles Turnball “Installing a Wiki on Your iBooK” which sounds painstaking but doable. PhpWiki is what the Wikipedia uses.

Right now, I’m thinking of a web-based wiki, since I’m interesting in the potential of a wiki as a collaborative writing environment, but I also see lots of uses for a “personal wiki,” a wiki that is largely intended to be the data depository of a single person or household. There are some Mac OS X applications designed to create local wiki-like databases. Harald Scheirich’s PersonalWiki is one, Voodoo Pad is another.

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