Macintosh Bible, 9th Edition

The ninth edition of The Macintosh Bible is out. It’s the third edition Michael Cohen has contributed to. I’m completely unbiased, as usual, but it’s a pretty good book.  Michael describes his contribution thusly:

Cover of the Macintosh Bible, ninth edition; PantherIn the 9th Macintosh Bible I romp gaily through the fields of audio, video, and interactive media in what previous editions of the Macintosh Bible called the Multimedia chapter
but in this edition is the Digital Lifestyle chapter (hmmm…I thought it was the Sims who lived a digital lifestyle). Extended descriptions of Apple’s new iLife programs are woven into the rich tapestry that covers the workings of digital audio and video technology and the various applications that handle them. And there are even pictures! Woohoo!

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