Celtic Literature is Everywhere

So, right after I, somewhat ruefully, point out that I don’t, quite, fit in at WWDC, I find a fellow attendee and blogger Joe Heck’s blog (and his domain) is called Rhonawby, after the twelfth century Arthurian text The Dream of Rhonabwy or in Welsh Breuddwyd Rhonabwy. Rhonawby is an interesting text for its Arthurian connections, as well as for it’s use of satire, and parody, and what appears to be a divination ritual with overtones of shamanism. Joe thoughtfully links to Lady Charlotte Guest’s version of The Dream of Rhonawby. I should tell him about Gantz’ translation; it’s much better—Gantz gets the jokes, and Lady Charlotte can be over delicate.

Still, it’s way cool that Joe has such a nifty domain, and is familiar with the original Welsh story.