WWDC 2004 Keynote

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I’ve been unable to get a DHCP connection, so haven’t really been ab le to blog the conference, not even the stuff I can talk about. I’ll post my WWDC entries retroactively, once I’m home. I tend to write posts in BBEdit anyway, so I can simply wait to post. I think they things that most caught my eye in the Keynote were announcements about Safari, Dashboard, and Automator, all mentioned in the Tiger preview.

The Steve Jobs keynote is available in QuickTime here. This keynote was a bit different than other keynotes. For one thing, Steve Jobs seemed more relaxed than I’ve seen him in other key notes. This is not meant as anything other than an observation; heaven knows, you’d have to pay me to get on that stage. But all the Apple employees seemed less tense than they were in 2001 and 2002. They were mostly wearing their own clothes rather than logo ware&emdash; maybe that’s one reason people were more at ease.

They were playing music over the sound system, while people filed in; some Johnny Cash, and some Beatles, but as usual I heard at least two songs I’d buy if I knew the name and artist. I keep hoping I’ll see a WWDC playlist on iTunes.

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