Is Apple Joining the List of Corporate Bloggers?

Apple seems to be experimenting with “student blogging” on the Higher Education section of their website. Here’s the initial post:

We’d like to welcome you to a new community site for students to hear from other students about their observations and Mac-related stuff.

We’re starting off with a recent graduate from the University of Colorado, Dave Morin, who is now working at Apple. We will introduce a couple of student bloggers soon. Every few months we will welcome new student blog authors as they share their experiences.

The main blog page is here. While I’m glad to see Apple’s experimenting with web logs, a sensible thing to do for many reasons, including the presence of a web log server host in Tiger Server, I’m not sure that, based perhaps unfairly, on the two entries posted, Apple, or their initial blogger, really understand blogs, student bloggers, or corporate blogging. It’s not like Apple doesn’t have some good internal models to follow. Still, it’s a good sign.

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