Mellel Holiday Sale

I wanted to let y’all know that Redlers Software is offering special holiday pricing on Mellel. Right now Mellel $29.00 for a regular license, $23.00 for an educational single user, and $49.00 for a “family” license for five users. Mellel is perhaps best described as a “scholarly” word processer, though that doesn’t quite do it justice. I’ve written about Mellel before; I’m using Mellel for my disser- thing because of Mellel’s support for Unicode fonts. But though Mellel departs in some ways from the usual word processor metaphors, for instance end notes and foot notes are thought of as inhabiting “streams,” but it includes all the standard things you really need in a word processor, and incredible foreign language support, including Hebrew, Chines, Japanese, Arabic, and everybody’s favorite, Etruscan. There’s a list of features here. Mellel is feature rich, but not feature burdened; it’s worth taking a look at if you’re interested in writing and not fiddling with a word processor.

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