Moving to the Big Screen

Since The Spouse has a brand-new one of these, I get the previous model, the gorgeous iMac G4 Flat-panel, still under Apple Care. I spent part of the weekend transferring data from my iBook, and setting up applications. I’ve been using my twelve inch iBook for most of my own work for so long, it’s dizzying to have more screen real estate; I really like it. I’m literally seeing things in new ways.

I already knew NetNewsWire 2.0 was a fabulous RSS aggegator, but the support for syncing two copies of NetNewsWire via .Mac is totally cool. I can read RSS feeds, and subscribe to them, from the iBook or the iMac, then painlessly sync my subscriptions, read posts, even the open tabs, via .Mac, with a single menu item. Safari too, under Tiger, makes it very easy to synchronize bookmarks between the two Macs.

I used Buzz Andersen’s nifty PodWorks to transfer my iTunes playlists and files from my iPod. Plus I discovered that Mellel has a new plug-in that supports Spotlight.