Blessings Upon the Mysterious Ways of Apple: Or,

Maybe Steve Jobs is the boss of me.

As my faithful readers (all six of ’em!) know, I’ve been somewhat distressed over Apple’s decision to remove Wiley books from all Apple stores. Mostly, I’ve been distressed because the book The Spouse, Michael Cohen, wrote with his brother Dennis Cohen, The Mac Xcode 2 Book came out just in time to be banned.

The book has been doing OK, anyway. Since The Mac Xcode 2 Book came out last week, it appeared briefly in the top 1000 rank of Amazon’s books, and showing up in Amazon’s list of best selling computer books at around the low 20-30s (it shifts rapidly) and selling well in local stores.

But then yesterday I received the regular Apple Developer’s Association mailing, issue 443, June 24, 2005,which, you can see, includes a description and link to Wiley’s page on The Mac Xcode 2 Book.

Having the book listed in one of Apple’s newsletters, and on Apple’s site, might be even cooler than seeing it in Apple’s stores. I’m confused as well as smug (as a spouse, I’m entitled to a modicum of smugness), but also grateful; thanks Apple, and thanks to the people who’ve bought copies, and of course, the top notch editing and production folk at Wiley.

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