New version of MovableType

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I finally bit the bullet and upgraded MovableType, the CMS software/blogging system I use for IT from the venerable 2.661 version to the spiffy new current 3.2.2 version. All seems to have gone well . . . except my template and stylesheet are thoroughly bolloxed. I’ve made a termporary switch to the “old” ones, rather than the “new” ones until I can either port my favored old template and style sheet or shift to one with three columns.

And this post is a test to find out what happens with new posts.

UPDATE:I decided to ditch the old template, because templates have changed a lot since I started, and move to a new three-column layout. I’m going to be tinkering with my style sheet and template a lot before I’m satisfied. I started with a CSS style sheet I built with Arvind Satyanarayan’s Movable Type Style Generator and using Elise Bauer’s instructions for converting to a 3-column layout MovableType Template.

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