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iTunes Wishlist Service

I started a new meme elsewhere which involves using iTune’s nifty “Give music to a friend” feature; you can “gift” entire albums or single tracks to anyone with a viable email address. It’s a lovely way to say thank you, to legally share the music you love, or to cheer someone up who’s having a rotten day—and it’s cheaper, faster, and more durable than a greeting card.

But I’d be delighted for Apple to add a shareable Wish list feature (it’s a .Mac kind of thing, I ‘d think, though I’d prefer it be available to non-.Mac folk). And since they haven’t I’m really surprised some Ajax-savvy Web guru hasn’t created an iTunes Wish list site. There doesn’t seem to be an API for the iTunes Web service, though there’s a nifty RSS feed generator, and way to search for content and build links here, even some discussion of parsing iTunes RSS feeds with XML. You could have people use the Playlist feature in iTunes to create a Wish list, then export and upload it or email it to an address associated with a UID or account, though that’s kinda kludgey.

Won’t somebody create an iTunes Wish list service? Please? You could probably use the iTunes Affiliate program to generate some cash.

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