New E-Book: Take Control of Syncing

Michael E. Cohen’s latest book, Take Control of Syncing in Tiger is out; this time it’s a Take Control ebook, from Tidbits publishers Adam and Tonya Engst.

Take Control of Syncing in Tiger covers:

syncing phone numbers between a Mac and a mobile phone, iPod, or PDA; syncing files between desktop and laptop Macs; and syncing Safari bookmarks, keychains, and other data via Mac. The ebook covers what hardware and software readers need to move data between devices; explains how to connect devices via Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, and Ethernet; and offers the best strategies for successful syncing. Finally, a troubleshooting section offers reassurance and practical advice for anyone who has experienced a syncing feeling upon realizing that the wrong data was overwritten (Take Control press release).

Take Control of Syncing in Tiger is 135 pages of syncing explanations, tips, procedures and
resources, and while the book is a downloadable PDF file, you can print out hard copy if you want, or even use a print-on-demand service with which Take Control has collaborated.

What of the most useful aspects of Take Control ebooks is that they really take advantage of the virtues of PDFs. Take Control of Syncing in Tiger contains numerous embedded links, some of which go to syncing software and information resources and others which interconnect specific sections of the book itself. The links make it very very easy to find the information you need, and the procedures that will best serve your particular syncing needs (whether using .Mac, syncing between two Macs, syncing a cell phone, iPod or PDA).

I learned some useful tips from this book, not just the how and why of syncing, but actual practical, useful information about things (like the Keychain) that have already made my life easier.

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