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iPad Books: Do They Transfer to iTunes from iPad?

According to Take Control‘s exceedingly savvy Tonya Engst on Twitter:

According to iPad manual and my testing, ebooks downloaded from the iBookstore ON the iPad do not transfer to iTunes.

Any confirmation? Work arounds?

I’m assuming that they’re backed up when iTunes does the iPad backup?

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  • MEC

    I’m not sure about the free ebooks from Project Gutenberg, but I believe my purchased ebooks show up (I’m not at home so can’t verify at the moment). If I recall correctly, they’re also listed in iTunes in the Purchased on My iPad collection.

  • MEC

    Finally got around to verifying my previous comment. Yes, both paid for books purchased on the iPad from the iBookstore and free books from the iBookstore are synced to the iTunes library. They show up in the Books collection in the sidebar, and in the Purchased on smart playlist.


    I’ve synced my IPAD and the books and films I’ve bought on my IPAD are only showing in the ‘purchased’ sidebar of the IPAD. I’m trying to restore my IPAD and it is telling me everything I have bought will be lost unless saved to the itunes library. HELP me do this?! I have tried every which way possible….


    Ive worked it out!
    Next problem is half of my IPAD screen has gone blank the other half works perfectly – Ive have tried restoring but no change. Any ideas?


    LPS Thanks so much I was wrestling with this for a bit. I should have know that the actual users are better than the support page!!