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Saved Photos

I need to create an avatar, based on a photo of me, to use in Facebook. I don’t want to use a normal image; I want to digitally manipulate it slightly. I can do the manipulation in the free iApp PhotoPad, but I needed to get the image to PhotoPad, which means getting it in the Photos app on my iPad.

Since I’m too lazy to connect my iPad to my Mac, I uploaded the image to my Photobucket account, and using the free Photobucket app, moved it to Saved Photos, which appeared, magically as an Album in my iPad’s Photos app.

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  • MEC

    Which reminds me…I should walk down to my friendly neighborhood Apple Store in the near future to pick up the camera connection kit. Because I don’t store photos in the cloud; I stand on my balcony and *yell* at the clouds (and, yes, like Abe Simpson, I also wear an onion on my belt).