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iPad Project Singles

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Cover of Borrow Library E-Books for your iPadiPad Project Singles, based on The iPad 2 Project Book, are ebooks containing complete step-by-step iPad projects.

iPad Project Singles are great way to sample the style of The iPad 2 Project Book. Each iPad Project Single contains a stand-alone project that is not covered in the iPad Project books. Like The iPad 2 Project Book, these are from Peachpit/Pearson.

The singles are available as ebooks only, from the iBooks Bookstore on your iOS device, and in the iTunes Store on your computer. Each iPad Project Single costs only .99 cents.

The first three iPad Project Singles are:

Borrow Library e-books for Your iPad. By Lisa L. Spangenberg and Michael E. Cohen.

Build a Comicbook (and PDF) Library for Your iPad. By Dennis R. Cohen.

Convert your E-books to the EPUB format for your iPad. By Dennis R. Cohen.

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