Which iPad Case and Keyboard Should I Get?

I’m looking for an iPad keyboard and case combination. It’s for a first generation iPad, and I’m trying to decide between the Zaggmate and the Adonit Writer for iPad 1. They’re both about the same price. Here’s the official Zaggmate page, and here’s the official Adonit Writer page

I note that the Adonit for the iPad 1 is a bit scarce, though you can still
Charlie Stross says of the Zaggmate:

If you can cope with a small keyboard with non-standard cursor keys and want a keyboard case, the Logitech/ZaggMate case wins hands-down. With the iPad in the case, its dimensions are very similar to the iPad with a standard cover. Probably not as good for sustained typing as the Apple and Targus keyboards.

But Alex Piper brought the Adonit to my attention, so now I’m looking really really hard at it. Alex notes:

My issue with the various soft Bluetooth keyboard cases was that they felt strange and mushy. My issue with the Zaggmate was that awful lip on the edge of the keyboard. Neither applies here.

The keyboard feels good and solid, at least with the use I’ve put it through so far; better than the keyboard on my real netbook (Dell mini 9), in all honesty. When you open the case, it ‘sticks’ magnetically into whatever position you’ve picked, so it stays put. The response is excellent, and if you can type on a small keyboard like an eee PC or a mini 9, you’ll have no problem with it.

This is a review of the Adonit Writer.

I want an iPad keyboard and case combo for travel purposes—or I’d just buy an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, because for someone used to typing on laptops, it’s a limousine.

And yes, I’m even open to buying Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and a separate case for the iPad and keyboard.

So: What are you using? Do you like it? What do you suggest?buy the Adonit Writer for iPad 1 at Amazon.

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  • Dennis

    I assume then, that you’ve eliminated the options from Logitech and ThinkGeek? There’s also one from Australia that got really good reviews over the winter, but the name escapes me at the moment.

  • Dennis

    Oh, and if you were open to the Apple wireless keyboard, you might be open to the “extended” (i.e. numeric keypad and everything) McAlly BT keyboard (what I use for both my iPad and MacBook).

  • MEC

    For maximum “future-proofing,” you should get a separate Bluetooth keyboard. That way, if and when you get a new iPad, you won’t have to worry about whether your old case will fit the new device.

  • Lisa Spangenberg

    Dennis, I looked at all the keyboard-and-case combinations I could. The McAlly BT keyboard couldn’t keep up with my typing. I suspect for a more casual typist or a hunt-and-peck typist it would be fine.

    The ThinkGeek keyboard was out of stock, and I don’t know anyone who owns one.

    I do plan on buying the Apple Bluetooth keyboard in the future to use with an iMac.

  • Lisa Spangenberg

    Apparently, I am getting the Adonit as a gift. I’ll report back here once I’ve use it for a while.

  • Dennis

    I didn’t realize that I typed that slowly (between 60 and 70 wpm). I have the McAlly and use it with both the iPad and my MacBook because it doesn’t slow me down (I really hate the current Apple keyboards, especially the ones on the laptops).