This is a personal site, which means I have absolute control over the content. You will doubtless have noticed my disclaimer on every page:

My opinions are my own and don’t represent those of anyone else.

Not that anyone would want them :)

In other words, the opinions I express on this site don’t reflect the opinions of my employer or of anyone else; they’re all mine. And I reserve the right to change them.

I do care, very much, about writing, and about accuracy. That said, I should warn you that I can’t spell. Really. I’m profoundly dyslexic, as well as dysphonetic, visually limited, and while I manage to compensate for it most of the time, I sometimes fail. That said, none of us can really proofread our own work. We all tend to see what we meant to write, not what we actually wrote. I’m just particularly gifted in that way.


This statement is intended to provide the necessary data to comply with FTC directives.

There are reviews of books and software on this site. Most of the books and software I review on this site were purchased by me. Occasionally books or software may be provided to me as review copies or as time-limited beta software from publishers. Any books or other products that were provided by a publisher, retailer or distributor for review purposes are identified as such in the reviews. Otherwise, the book or product was purchased by me or a family member, or borrowed from a library.

Most books that are provided to me as review copies are Advanced Reading Copies, and are not eligible for resale; they are in fact identified as such on the cover, and in the review, since there may be minor editorial changes to an ARC or an uncorrected galley, and the version offered for sale.

I am not and have not been paid to review any books, media, software or Web sites on this site. I indicate in a post or review if books or software were provided to me by a publisher or developer. I do link to a number of publishers, book stores and developers.

Affiliate Links

I am an affiliate of Amazon , Powell’s Books, Apple, and a handful of software and technical book publishers, and affiliate cooperatives. I use referral links from a number of merchants, including BaronFig, AppSet, Literature and Latte.

Privacy Policy

The short version is that I don’t collect your data other than the data (IP, OS, Web browser, referrers) that the Web automatically generates and collects.

If you use a contact form or leave a comment you are asked to provide a Username, email address, and possibly a URL. This is voluntary.  I may or may not keep your comments or Contact form data.

I do not share, sell, distribute or otherwise use your data other than in terms of responding to you.

The long version privacy policy and GDPR policy is here.

Posting on my site is tacit agreement to these policies.