NetNewsWire 5.0b4

Brent Simmons’ NetNewsWire is back. NetNewsWire 5.0b4 is a free and open source RSS reader for macOS. You can download the NetNewsWire 5.0 Beta version now, or wait if you’re not experienced regarding using beta software (this means being prepared to have bad things happen, like losing your data). Seriously, don’t use a beta if… Continue reading NetNewsWire 5.0b4


I’ve written about TextExpander before, because I’ve been a constant user for a little more than seven years. And now, with TextExpander 5, it’s even more useful. Smile Software’s TextExpander is a macOS and iOS utility that saves keystrokes by expanding a short abbreviation that you type, with whatever text you have previously associated with that… Continue reading TextExpander

Bullet Journal App

I’m still using my Bullet Journal® notebook, and Ryder Carroll has released a Bullet Journal app for iPhone, under the name Bullet for $2.99. It’s available on iTunes or the app store. It’s not an app that functions as a an actual journal, rather, it’s intended to help people set up their first Bullet Journal,… Continue reading Bullet Journal App

Brett Terpestra’s iOS iTextEditors Resource Page

Brett Terpestra, the developer of the very useful OS X Marked app (a previewer for Markdown files), has created a page listing and describing iOS text editors. As Brett Terpestra notes: The information was compiled by the web community on an open Google spreadsheet. I cannot vouch for its current accuracy, but will be verifying… Continue reading Brett Terpestra’s iOS iTextEditors Resource Page

Markdown and Me

As part of my determination to come up with a cleaner less keystroke-intensive workflow for all my writing, I’m taking a hard look at Markdown. I first heard about Markdown back in 2004. I’d been blogging for a few years, and and hand-coding HTML. I came to HTML with surface familiarity with SGML in a library… Continue reading Markdown and Me