Standing Desks

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I’ve written about my own experience with standing desks here and here. I think they’re a great idea in terms of creating a work environment that allows you to change your position and move around. As part of a work strategy that includes frequent short breaks and movement, the ability to switch from standing to sitting easily is part of an effective strategy to maintain good work practices.

Spark by Ergodriven The Perfect “Start Standing Now” Standing Desk (Medium)

When I first started experimenting with a standing desk, to see if it would work for me personally, I used odds and ends of household furniture two create two setups for test-driving standing desks.

But the Spark by Ergodriven is a much better option. It’s a flat-packed sturdy cardboard temporary lift, meant to be placed on an extant table or desk and thereby convert the furniture you already have to a standing desk. The Spark comes in threes sizes, allowing you to choose a desk suited to your height. It’s made out of surprisingly sturdy corrugated cardboard, and it’s pretty easy to assemble. It’s a great way to test using a standing desk before making a major investment in a piece of furniture.

It’s also dirt cheap. Small Sparks for people under 5′ 4” or Medium Sparks for people 5′ 4” to 5′ 11 are $20.00 from Amazon; Large Sparks for people over 5′ 11” are $25.00.

Because it’s flat-packed, the Spark strikes me as something to consider if you do a lot of consulting that involves working from hotel rooms. You could have Amazon ship the Ergo Spark to your hotel, or stash it in your luggage and assemble it there. Most hotel rooms have a desk or table, and you can use the Ergo Spark to allow you to adjust your position from cramped and hunched, to standing.

The Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk Frame (Silver)

This is the full size version of the desk I prefer; I favor the smaller Jarvis Junior because living in a small apartment imposes spatial constraints. But for those with space, this Wide frame, Extended Range is fabulous. You can top it with a top of your choosing (Jarvis sells tops from their site; check out the bamboo!) which means you can either have a top cut for you or use one from a table you already own (the frame supports table tops from 44″ – 82″ wide and 21″ – 36″ deep with telescoping crossbar). 

The Jarvis come with a Programmable Memory Digital handset with 4 preset options you can program for raising and lowering the height.

Imprint CumulusPRO Couture Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Don’t forget your feet; you’ll be standing, and bearing weight. Even if you’re careful about remembering to take regular breaks, moving around for a few minutes, and switching from standing to sitting, your feet need some support and protection (and good shoes!). This mat makes a real difference in terms of reducing fatigue.

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