Apple’s HomePod Mini has a Temperature and Humidity Sensor

According to this post from the iDownload blog Apple’s HomePod Mini has a Temperature and Humidity Sensor. Made by Texas Instruments and measuring 1.5 x 1.5 millimeters, the secret sensor is embedded in the bottom edge of the fabric case, near the speaker’s power cable, meaning it’s meant to measure the external environment rather than… Continue reading Apple’s HomePod Mini has a Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Pencil Sharpeners

In 1971 my parents bought a house whose previous owners had left a hand-crank pencil sharpener attached to a stud near the head of the stairs to the basement. The sharpener had a red plastic shaving container, and it was old. I think it was a Berol. Unlike the sharpeners at school, it didn’t chew… Continue reading Pencil Sharpeners

Favorite Pencils

I am in the final stages of a general re-organization and purge that I started in the fall. That re-organization meant not only swapping around furniture to make a work area, given the continuing necessity of self-isolating because of COVID-19, but going through every item that I have in my current living area and trying… Continue reading Favorite Pencils

BaronFig Dateless Pocket Planner

When 2020 began I was using an A5 hardcover notebook as a bullet jourrnal, tracking appointments, tasks, reading, birthdays, due dates for publishers—a lot. In late summer, I realized it was just going to depress me to track COVID-19 cancelled plans, cancelled publication dates, and furloughed projects as publishers and corporations scrambled to stay afloat.… Continue reading BaronFig Dateless Pocket Planner