BaronFig Dateless Pocket Planner

When 2020 began I was using an A5 hardcover notebook as a bullet jourrnal, tracking appointments, tasks, reading, birthdays, due dates for publishers—a lot. In late summer, I realized it was just going to depress me to track cancelled plans, cancelled publication dates, and furloughed projects as publishers and corporations scrambled to stay afloat. I… Continue reading BaronFig Dateless Pocket Planner

Musgrave Pencils

Musgrave Pencil is a family-owned and operated pencil maker in Shelbyville, Tennessee that’s been making pencils since 1916. The Musgraves began by selling Tennessee Red Cedar slats to European pencil makers; remember that, it’ll be important later. Musgrave’s Heritage Collection While Musgrave Pencil Company makes a wide variety of custom and specialty decorated and branded… Continue reading Musgrave Pencils