HTML Entities

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Because “special” characters, like accented vowels and various typographic characters, are represented differently on different computer operating systems and word processors, we use HTML “entities” in HTML web pages to make sure these characters look the same for all web browsers and readers. You can copy and paste the “entity” from the middle column to use it in your HTML page instead of the character itself, displayed in the first column. If you don’t see the entity for the character you need here, try this page.

Character Entity or Tag Name
á á a acute
Á Á A acute
â â a circumflex
  A circumflex
à à a grave
À À A grave
å å a ring
Å Å A ring
ã ã a tilde
ã &Ampatilde; Atilde
ä ä a umlaut
Ä Ä A umlaut
æ æ lower case ash
Æ Æ upper case ash
ç ç c cedilla
Ç Ç C cedilla
ð ð lower case eth
Ð Ð upper case eth
é é e acute
É É E acute
ê ê e circumflex
Ê Ê E circumflex
è è e grave
È È E grave
ë ë e umlaut
Ë Ë E umlaut
í í i acute
Í Í I acute
î î i circ
Î Î I circ
ì ì i grave
Ì Ì I grave
ï ï i umlaut
Ï Ï I umlaut
ñ ñ n tilde
Ñ Ñ N tilde
ó ó o acute
Ó Ó O acute
ô ô o circumflex
Ô Ô O circumflex
ò ò o grave
Ò Ò O grave
ø ø o slash
Ø Ø O slash
õ õ o tilde
Õ Õ O tilde
ö ö o umlaut
Ö Ö O umlaut
ß ß sz ligature
þ þ lower case thorn
Þ Þ upper case thorn
ú ú u acute
Ú Ú U acute
û û u circumflex
Û Û U circumflex
ù ù u grave
Ù Ù U grave
ü ü u umlaut
Ü Ü U umlaut
ý ý y acute
Ý Ý Y acute
ÿ ÿ y umlaut

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